Five Beauty YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is a great place to watch just about any type of video that interest you and for me that is makeup!! I have a few channels that I love to watch to better my makeup skills and to see their thoughts on makeup that I may be indecisive on.

Five Beauty YouTubers to Watch Banner

The five YouTubers I will be sharing with you are my go-to for beauty so keep reading to check them out! Enjoy!!  Continue reading

Fall 2016 Goals

Happy Fall Everyone!!

Fall actually started last week but school has kept me pretty busy this semester!!  A while back I decided that I wanted to come up with a list of goals for each season because I feel like it’s easier to stick to those goals.  I am feeling very optimistic for this Fall so keep reading to see what goals I have planned! Enjoy!!

Hello Fall

1. Start a YouTube Channel – this is one of my biggest goals this season!   Continue reading

Starting a YouTube Channel

One of my goals is to start a YouTube channel and lately I have been getting closer and closer to starting one.  I have been doing my research as to which camera to use and how to get good lighting.  However, I still get a bit intimidated to start one, not because I am scared to about the negative comments but, since I am a bit of a perfectionist, I am scared I will have a low quality video.  I know that the only way to start is simply to start!! It’s like any new situation, it is going to be scary at first but I am sure that I will feel accomplished once I start filming.  I will be working on filming in something, maybe a haul or monthly favorites, or even a review for my Ipsy bag.  I will be leaving a link to my first YouTube video and talking about the experience once I upload.

Karla ❤