Sit Back Sunday #3

Happy Sunday!!

This week was CRAZY!!! I had four test plus other assignments and quizzes so I was studying at all times this week.  Luckily I had this week off from work so it gave me plenty of time to focus on school.  Overall I think the studying really helped because I think I did pretty good on all my tests.  Other than that I would basically watch Parks & Recreation all day, yes even while studying sometimes.  I’ve also been starting to get that creative flow back, the one I had when I first started blogging.  I plan to start blogging back to normal and try my hardest not to skip dates, that’s if school let’s me (5 classes are no joke!!)

Sit Back Sunday

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Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! I have always like Valentine’s Day, even when I would spend them single.  I do enjoy them with my boyfriend now, this will be out 5th Valentine’s Day together!

Anyway, I decided to make three outfit ideas for this lovely day.  Whether you are spending Valentine’s day with your significant other or spending it with friends, these outfits are sure to fit the occasion.  I hope these outfits help you find inspiration, enjoy!


Valentine's Day Outfit #1
This first outfit is probably my favorite out of the three.  I absolutely love the flowy skirt!  This outfit looks very put together but it is also a very comfortable outfit.  I see this outfit being paired with a voluminous ponytail.

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