Weekly Instagram Inspiration #10

Happy Sunday!

This week was my last week on winter break and it is definitely bitter sweet thinking about going back to school.  On one hand I feel like the lazy rut that I am kind of in will disappear once I have more to do so it will probably help me be more productive.  On the other hand, homework!! I am sure it will be a great semester even with the homework! If you want to know how to have a great semester you can check out my 5 step guide here.

So other than thinking a lot about school this week has been a pretty mellow week, nothing too exciting but it also wasn’t boring.  Last week I included more pictures on my Weekly Instagram Inspiration and I liked that liberty so I will be posting more pictures this  time around. Enjoy!

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Favorite Eight: September 2015


So today is the last day of September and wow has this month flew by!! A lot of things have happened this month, the two most significant being getting back to the swing of things at school and the fact that I got more serious with my blog.  Even though this has been a busy month, it has also been a great month with fall starting and I feel like my blog is going somewhere and that feels great.  I have many favorite things this month so I will be sharing with you my favorite eight for September. Enjoy!

Favorite Eight: September 2015

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