Focusing on the Present

Happy Sunday!!

I was having a bit of trouble trying to think of a theme for this week and finally this morning I thought of one that perfectly sums up this week.  Focusing on the Present really summarizes my week because I caught myself getting overwhelmed about the future a lot this week!

Focusing on the Present

As many of you may know, I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree this May.  While I am super happy and proud that I reached such a huge milestone, it also means that I have to find a full time job!  The future can be super scary to think about but remembering to focus on the present really helps!!  Keep reading to see how my week went as well as how I cope when I start thinking too much about my future.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Sit Back Sunday #17

Happy Sunday!!!

This morning is a rainy Sunday morning and, for me, that is a super awesome way to start out Sunday.  I love raining days, especially when I don’t have to do anything all day. This week was my first week that I am no longer a student, I work on campus so going to school after graduation was super weird!!

Sit Back Sunday

Keep reading to see how my first week out of school went. Enjoy!!!  Continue reading

Sit Back Sunday #4

Happy Sunday!

I hope your Sunday is off to great start!  Mine has started with homework, which isn’t exciting but I am doing it now so I can have a lazy Sunday the rest of the day.  This week has been a really great week.  School has been very chill this week so I have had time to relax and watch some of my favorite shows.  This week I have been better about what I ate and this coming week I want to continue the good eating habits but also workout more.

Sit Back Sunday

This past Friday I went to watch Zootopia with my boyfriend and sister and it was such an amazing movie!   Continue reading