Fives Ways to Great Semester

My Spring semester starts next week and I both dreading it and excited for it.  I decided to take a few days off from blogging because it is my last week on winter break but I am back now!  So if you are like me just reading the syllabus can be stressful, especially if it’s a professor that you’ve never had before.  I literally have to tell myself that I will be able to handle the course work to de-stress myself.  Because of this I have decided to share with y’all five things I will be doing differently this semester so I can get the best grades I can achieve. Enjoy!

Five Ways to a Great Semester

1. Review the material before class.  If possible read the whole chapter.  My Anatomy & Physiology professor would always tell the class to do this but, being a bad student, I did’t bother with reading ahead of class.  This past semester, though, I had to read the chapter before class because my professor had the class take quizzes before the class.  Reading the chapter before class made a huge difference.  I was already familiar with the topic once I got to lecture so it was my second time hearing about the topic so it helped me memorize better and I got a A in that class.

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Favorite Eight: August


August has come to an end and with that I comes this months favorite eight items.  Of course one of my most favorite things about August is my birthday! Honestly that probably the only reason I love August.  Being that I am from Texas, the heat is dramatic, to the point that a couple of weeks ago I was excited to see that it was going to be 97°F!!!

Anyway, here are my favorite items from the month of August.  Enjoy!

Essie Nail Polish in Sunset Sneaks

I have always wanted an Essie nail polish but I have never bough one because they are a bit expensive.  Lucky for me, my boyfriend decided to buy one for my birthday!! I like the color a lot because it is kind of a coral-y color.  I think it is a good color for both summer and fall because of the orange colors, so it is a great summer-fall transition color.  I also love the quality of the polish, I have had it on for almost a week now and I haven’t had any chips.  I would like to add that my job is usually not the nicest on nail polish so the fact that it has not chipped has me excited!  You can buy this nail polish pretty much anywhere, I have seen them in Walmart and Target; my bf bought mine from Kohl’s.

Essie Sunset Sneaks

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