Getting Organized

Happy Sunday!!!

Since graduating I’ve been feeling like something is missing.  Maybe it’s the structure of having to always be studying or working on a paper or project.  It kept me busy and helped me enjoy my down time a lot.  Now I don’t have that and basically go to work and then get home and chill.  Thursday morning I was going through my old pictures and when I got to the pictures I took during the Fall of 2015, I grew nostalgic.  I saw all the pretty pics I had taken for posts and missed keeping up Makeup & Flowers.

Getting Organized

I got up that day and started reading a very interesting post (Plan you Blog Content like a Boss by Laura Rebecca Jones) that changed my Thursday from a lazy day to a very productive day.  Keep reading to see how these two things shifted my week and views on my blog!!  Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

I cannot believe it is 2016 already, the years really do fly by when you get older!  Every year I like to make New Year’s Resolutions but I almost never stick to them.  This year I have decided to have three resolutions, two specific ones and one that is more broad.  Keep reading to see what my three resolutions are and what I am going to do to makeup sure I keep them throughout the year. Enjoy!

New Year's Resolutions

Make Healthy Choices: I decided to make this the resolution instead of the regular one, which is to lose weight.  For some reason, this sounds more positive and I think it will make it easier to stick to the resolution.  weight loss will just be a very nice perk of making healthier choices.

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