Favorite Eight: December 2015

December has been such an eventful month and now it is about to come to an end.  I still can’t believe how fast Christmas came and left and to think that tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve is crazy!!

Because it is the end of the month it is time again for my favorite eight things of the month.  Enjoy!

Favorite Eight Dec W

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My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products


Since getting more into makeup, I have definitely leaned more to high end makeup because they have better quality most of the time.  With that I have also gotten away from drugstore products but there are some products that I find amazing and cheap, which makes the product even better.  My two favorite drugstore brands that to me have high end qualities are NYX and e.l.f. Cosmetics.  Of course other brands have awesome products but these are the two drugstore brands I trust the most.

Anyway, here are my favorite drugstore products. Enjoy!

Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products

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