Must-Have Holy Grail Makeup

We all have makeup that we love from the moment we first use the product!! I have a few that I’m going to share with you today.  I wear most of the makeup on this list every time I wear makeup and others occasionally but they are still my all time favorite!!

Must-Have Holy Grail Makeup

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Birchbox Unboxing: May 2017

It’s Birchbox time again!! I really do enjoy sharing what I received every month in my Birchbox.  I also enjoy receiving the box every month, not knowing what I am going to get, I like surprises!!

May 2017 Birchbox

The May Birchbox design is super cute, it’s colorful and I love the touch of gold!!  If you want to know what I got this month, keep reading!!  Continue reading

Yay or Nay: Birchbox

Sometimes I find myself wanting to review a lot of products but I also don’t want to make my blog an all review blog.  There are also some products that I don’t find good enough to have it’s own post.  Because of this I decided to start a series called “Yay or Nay.”  In this series I will review a bunch of products that I other wise would not have time to review.  I will keep the reviews short so since some of them will feature many products.

Yay or Nay: Birchbox

Todays Yay or Nay is all about Birchbox samples.  There are many times in my Unboxing posts that I say I will review a certain product but I never get to it so in this post you will see my thoughts over some of those Birchbox samples.  There are 10 of them today, so let’s go right in! Continue reading

Birchbox Unboxing: July 2016

I’m super excited to let y’all know that I have re-subcribed to Birchbox!!  The last Birchbox I received was the April one but because I quit my job, I decided to hold off on them for a while.  In June I decided to start getting them again because I was really missing the boxes and I can afford them again.  I only missed to boxes but I am super glad to be receiving them again!!

Birchbox Unboxing: July 2016

So I actually got the July Birchbox in the mail today and I was super excited, and how cute is the box?!  I probably say this every month, but these boxes are just soo cute!!  This month, Birchbox is all about getting things done, which I think is great because I have been feeling a bit lazy since I am not in school.  It is a great reminder that no matter what, we should have some goal that we should be working on to better ourselves! Continue reading

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Mascara is always an essential when it comes to makeup.  I love how mascara makes my look come together.  When I first heard of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara I thought it was a weird name for a mascara.  I then saw a lot of people on youtube using the mascara and saying that it was one of their favorites.  I didn’t purchase it because when it comes to mascaras some are amazing and then others just aren’t.  I was able to get a small sample of it when I bought too faced products a while back so I thought I would do a review over this famous mascara. Enjoy!!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

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Purlisse Pur-Delicate Cleanser & Makeup Remover


I mostly always take my makeup off with makeup remover wipes so when I got the Pur-Delicate Cleanser & Makeup Remover in my Ipsy bag a while bag, I did not pay much attention to it. I always hate taking my makeup off with something other than wipes because it is hard (especially mascara) and my eyes almost always end up burning. Then one day I was in full makeup and out of the makeup remover wipes and I remembered I had the makeup remover product.  So here are my thoughts on this cleanser/makeup remover. Enjoy!

Purlisse Pur-Delicate Cleanser & Makeup Remover

I was amazed the first time I used this product because my makeup came off so easily, including my mascara. Continue reading

Birchbox Unboxing: October 2015


It’s Birchbox time again!! I previewed the items I was going to get this month and I honestly was not too excited.  I did, however, change my mind once I physically had the box.

The October 2015 box is a pink, marble design and it also reminds me of a dissolving bath bomb.  This month’s box is pink to raise breast cancer awareness.  Birchbox has partnered with Estée Lauder to both awareness and money.

Birchbox October 2015

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