Summer Health Goals

Having specific goals is the key to success!!  What also helps is breaking down goals.  My main goal is to lose weight and be healthy.  That is a pretty vague goal but if I break it down smaller and get specific, it will help me reach my main goal.

Summer Health Goals

I have come up with 4 goals that I want to work on this summer.  I will try my best to keep them up during my vacation but I’m not going to fret if I don’t because after all it is vacation!  So keep reading to see the four goals I will be working on this summer! Enjoy!!  Continue reading

Introduction to My Weightloss Journey

Happy Thursday!!

If you have read my blog in the past, you will probably know that I have been trying to lose weight for a while now.  Unfortunately, I have not been successful.  For that reason, I started going to a dietitian at my university, thankfully it is pretty cheap at my school!!  This past Monday was my last meeting with her so I wanted to start blogging my weightless journey in order to have accountability.  It would also be awesome if my journey could help someone pursue their journey as well.

Introduction to My Weightloss Journey

So first my first post, I’ll give you some intro on where I am currently at and where I want to go.  I will be posting about my journey every Monday.  Enjoy!! Continue reading

Fall 2016 Goals

Happy Fall Everyone!!

Fall actually started last week but school has kept me pretty busy this semester!!  A while back I decided that I wanted to come up with a list of goals for each season because I feel like it’s easier to stick to those goals.  I am feeling very optimistic for this Fall so keep reading to see what goals I have planned! Enjoy!!

Hello Fall

1. Start a YouTube Channel – this is one of my biggest goals this season!   Continue reading


Some of you may know that my 22nd birthday was on Monday!  I didn’t do anything big, I just spent the day with my family and boyfriend.  I, of course, had to start the day off my listening to Taylor Swift’s 22!! The night before my birthday I made a playlist for my birthday, it was mostly up beat songs but it also featured some of my favorites that weren’t as upbeat as the other songs.


I had such a wonderful day on my birthday but it also made me think about a few changes that I want to work on.  I know that at 22 I am still young but I think it is also time to start developing good habits for later on.  Because of this, I thought I would make a list of things that I want to work on while I’m 22, so if you’re interested, keep reading.  Enjoy!! Continue reading

Makeup & Flowers Updates + My Summer Goals


It’s been exactly a month since I have last posted a blog and in that month, I have been thinking a lot about Makeup & Flowers and where I want to take this blog.  I have decided to start blogging again, I will be blogging Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Every Sunday I will continue to do my Sit Back Sundays where I simply catch you up on my week and share my favorite Instagram pics for that week.  I really want to grow my blog and post consistently.  I am super excited to see where I can take my blog for the rest of the year and beyond!

Makeup & Flowers Updates + My Summer Goals

I also wanted to share my summer goals with you today!  We are in the middle of the summer but I have decided that it would be nice to make goals for every season and really try to stick to them, so here they are! Continue reading

Making the Best Out of Life

Sometimes in life things go according to plan but more often then not, they go a completely different direction.  Even though things may not go how we wanted them to go, in order to be happy, we must make the best out of any situation.  I am only 21 but in those years I have encountered situations like this.  I will admit that when things go wrong, I do stress and I feel like my life isn’t ever going to be how I want it to be.  However, things always end up good and I am always grateful for what happened.

Making the Best Out of Life

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Sit Back Sunday #6

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

It is a rainy Sunday where I live today and I love it!! There’s something I love so much about rainy days, maybe it’s because it allows me to be kind of lazy and watch movies all day.  This week has been pretty great, in case you didn’t read my March Favorites + Life Update post, I quit my job so I’m currently unemployed.  I was kind of scared with my decision at first but I can see that it was a good decision because I’ve had so much needed time for school.  I also cannot believe how close I am to finishing the semester!! I’m excited for this summer since I have decided not to take classes and fully enjoy the summer break!

Sit Back Sunday

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It’s a Journey | Healthy Me

It’s been a while since I have done a “Healthy Me” post and I wanted to do one again but I wasn’t really sure what to talk about.  Lately I don’t feel like I am healthy or like I am trying hard to reach my goals.  I almost felt like the wrong person to be writing about being healthy.  I was feeling this way until I realized that for someone like me, that has a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food, can give some insight and maybe someone out there feels the same and now they know they are not alone.  So today I want to talk about how a healthy lifestyle is a journey and tell you a bit more about mine. Enjoy!

It's a Journey | Healthy Me

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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

I cannot believe it is 2016 already, the years really do fly by when you get older!  Every year I like to make New Year’s Resolutions but I almost never stick to them.  This year I have decided to have three resolutions, two specific ones and one that is more broad.  Keep reading to see what my three resolutions are and what I am going to do to makeup sure I keep them throughout the year. Enjoy!

New Year's Resolutions

Make Healthy Choices: I decided to make this the resolution instead of the regular one, which is to lose weight.  For some reason, this sounds more positive and I think it will make it easier to stick to the resolution.  weight loss will just be a very nice perk of making healthier choices.

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