Summer Health Goals

Having specific goals is the key to success!!  What also helps is breaking down goals.  My main goal is to lose weight and be healthy.  That is a pretty vague goal but if I break it down smaller and get specific, it will help me reach my main goal.

Summer Health Goals

I have come up with 4 goals that I want to work on this summer.  I will try my best to keep them up during my vacation but I’m not going to fret if I don’t because after all it is vacation!  So keep reading to see the four goals I will be working on this summer! Enjoy!!  Continue reading

Playa VoxBox

Being signed up with Influenster has it’s perks!  It’s great for bloggers because every once in a while they will send out boxes called VoxBoxes and they come with free stuff that you get to try out and review.  I think this program is great because it lets you discover new brands and products!!  You can check them out here if you would like!!

Playa VoxBox

The most recent VoxBox I have received from them is the Playa VoxBox.  This box contains two types of products that I love: beauty and food!!  Keep reading to see what all I received and my first impressions!! Enjoy!  Continue reading

Chobani Flips!

One of my favorite type of snacks is yogurt.  It not only satisfies my sweet tooth but it also fills me up until my next meal.  One of my favorite snack combos is a Chobani greek yogurt with fresh fruit, it is delicious!! While that is a very common combination, some of my weird foods combos include eating my rice, quesadillas, and even scrambled eggs with ketchup (apparently I like ketchup more than I thought!!)

Chobani is one of my favorite yogurts so I am very excited about their newest yougurt, Chobani Flips!!  This is an amazing concept because, you get yogurt plus delicious topings, for the perfect snack!

They have three types of combinations: Sweet n’ Sweet, Sweet n’ Salty, and Sweet n’ Spicy.  If you are not sure which combo you should begin with, you can take this small quiz to see which one you are paired with!


Chobani FlipsSweet n' Sweet | Chobani FlipsSweet n' Salty | Chobani FlipsSweet n' Spicy | Chobani Flips


The first time I took this quiz, I was sure I was going to get the sweet n’ sweet, but to my surprise, I got sweet n’ salty.  I even tried to take the quiz a different way but it always pointed me to the sweet n’ salty, which I thought was hilarious!!

So whether you decide to take the quiz to help you chose a Chobani Flips or you just go with your gut instict, these combinations are sure to satisfy your craving!!

Which yogurt combination seems the most delicious to you?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

Instagram Inspiration #8 | Blogmas Day 20 ❄️🎅🏼🎄🎁

This week was both hectic and relaxing for me.  I finished the semester this week and luckily only had to take one final this semester but it was a lot to study.  I finished Tuesday so I was able to chill out the rest of the week which was great but at first I felt like I had homework to worry about. haha Does that happened to any of y’all?

Anyway, it feels great to be off of school for 5 weeks and to be with my family for the holidays! So here are my 5 favorite pictures from Instagram for the week. Enjoy!

Reindeer Corndog: Ro from Nerdy Nummies made this cute little reindeer corndog and I just thought it was super cute.  She also made other treats on the video where she made this and you can click on her Instagram picture to find the link to her Youtube channel.

Reindeer Corndogs! These holiday themed snacks are so easy and fun to make! 🌭💕

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