I Love Fall Tag

I absolutely love Fall!!!  I look forward to it each year, I thought I’d do this I Love Fall Tag that I found on sincerelyshania‘s blog, so go check her’s out as well!!  The other reasons I decided to do this tag is one, because it’s fun and two, because I actually did not get a chance to plan out my posts this week because my cousin had her Quinceanera.  So let’s get right into the tag. Enjoy!

I Love Fall Tag

1. What is your favorite fall month?  My favorite month of fall has to be November because sweater weather is in full sing and I just love Thanksgiving!! Continue reading

The Fall Tag


It is officially fall and I for one could not be more excited! It is such a lovely time when the weather is nice, the air is crisp, all the wonderful holidays, and most exciting of all it is sweater weather!! There are many things I love about the fall season so I thought I would do the fall tag. I basically got questions from other tags and I will be answering the ones I like the most.

Hello Fall

Favorite fall lip product?
This fall I am most excited to wear burgundy lip colors.  I used them a bit last year but was not fully confident in them but this year I am ready.  I have already bought my first color for the fall: Dark Side by MAC!! Continue reading