Chobani Flips!

One of my favorite type of snacks is yogurt.  It not only satisfies my sweet tooth but it also fills me up until my next meal.  One of my favorite snack combos is a Chobani greek yogurt with fresh fruit, it is delicious!! While that is a very common combination, some of my weird foods combos include eating my rice, quesadillas, and even scrambled eggs with ketchup (apparently I like ketchup more than I thought!!)

Chobani is one of my favorite yogurts so I am very excited about their newest yougurt, Chobani Flips!!  This is an amazing concept because, you get yogurt plus delicious topings, for the perfect snack!

They have three types of combinations: Sweet n’ Sweet, Sweet n’ Salty, and Sweet n’ Spicy.  If you are not sure which combo you should begin with, you can take this small quiz to see which one you are paired with!


Chobani FlipsSweet n' Sweet | Chobani FlipsSweet n' Salty | Chobani FlipsSweet n' Spicy | Chobani Flips


The first time I took this quiz, I was sure I was going to get the sweet n’ sweet, but to my surprise, I got sweet n’ salty.  I even tried to take the quiz a different way but it always pointed me to the sweet n’ salty, which I thought was hilarious!!

So whether you decide to take the quiz to help you chose a Chobani Flips or you just go with your gut instict, these combinations are sure to satisfy your craving!!

Which yogurt combination seems the most delicious to you?

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