e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault | Review

Happy Monday!!

If you know me, then you know that I love e.l.f. Cosmetics because their makeup is super inexpensive and good quality.  I also love buying lipstick so when I saw that e.l.f. had released the Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault, I was all over it.  One of the main things that attracted me to this vault was the Rose Gold packaging, it’s so gorgeous!!

e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault Review

e.l.f. Cosmetics has be promoting this matte lip vault all over their social media but, has a pretty low rating on their website.  Keep reading to see if the Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault was a hit or a miss for me.  Enjoy!!  

The Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault retails at $35 for 10 matte lip pencils.  However, the individual pencil retails at $3 so it is $5 more expensive to get the vault.

From the price difference, they probably decided to charge more because the lip pencils come in rose gold packaging, which looks super cute but also feels kind of cheap. Even though the pencils are twist-up, each lipstick comes with a sharpener if you want a sharper line, I probably won’t be using the sharpeners too much.

Sharpener | e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault Review

Most of the colors go on super smooth and are super pigmented.  There are a few that don’t go on smooth on the first application but afterwards they do.

When preparing for the post, I took a look at the reviews and there was only one review, the person gave the vault a one star rating.  The main complaint was that some of the lipsticks were not the color that was advertised.  This is actually true of some of the colors and it’s pretty disappointing.  The colors that seemed to be off were Rich Red, Wine, Berry Sorbet, and Scarlet Night.  Scarlet Night ended up looking more like the cap for Wine instead of a Dark Purple.  I was the most disappointed about Rich Red, it promises to be a dark red but turns out to be more of a medium red.  In the picture below you can see the intended lip color and the swatch side by side.  As you can see, some are spot on while others are off.  The individual lip pencils have a high rating so I’m not sure if there was a mix up when they created the packaging for these colors or if they genuinely thought it was a good representation of the color.

Side by Side | e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault Review

So, do I recommend this lip vault?  The answers is yes and no.  I do not recommend this lip vault if you just like a few of the colors, you’re better off buying the individual lip pencils.  I also wouldn’t recommend this if you are hoping to get the color they advertise, especially for the darker colors that are off.  However, I do recommend this vault if you want it because it’s one of those collections.  Even though some of the colors are off, they are still gorgeous colors that are pigmented and last all day.

Let me know in the comments below if you plan on buying the Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault.  If you already own it, let me know what you thought of the vault!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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One thought on “e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault | Review

  1. That’s really handy there’s a built-in sharpener in each lip crayon! This set has a great variety of colours – I do see what you mean about the tip colour vs the actual lip shade.


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