The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel Primer | Review

Primers are super important!! They help your makeup go on smoothly and help it stay on longer.  Of course, some primers are better than others.  I’ve recently tried The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel Primer by Benefit Cosmetics and I wanted to share my thoughts on the primer with you.

The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel Primer | Review

The one I have is a sample that I received from the girl that did my eyebrows at the Benefit Brow Bar.  For those of you thinking “this primer was on her July Favorites so I know she really likes it,” stick around because I have more to say about the primer than I did back in July.  So keep reading to see my full thoughts on the Benefit primer.  Enjoy! 

I first tried this primer while I was in Mexico back in July.  If you read my July Favorites, then you know how much I loved this primer.  The weather in Mexico when I visited averaged in the highs of 85 and lows of 55 so it was very cool weather, meaning I wasn’t sweating like crazy.

I kept using the primer when I got back to Texas (where it’s SUPER hot!!) and realized that the primer was not working for me anymore.  I was pretty bummed because I had just raved about it in my July Favorites.  I realized that this primer works great when I don’t sweat like crazy.

I decided to stop using the primer during the hot months and will be using in it once the weather cools down.  The reason being is that it significantly did make my face less oily looking and helped my makeup stay on pretty much all day.  The primer also smells amazing and even though it is mattifying, it does make doesn’t make the dry areas of my face look even more dry.

I know there’s a lot of mixed reviews on this product and I can see why.  I would recommend this product in the colder months if you tend to sweat like crazy, just like me.    You can purchase this primer for $28 at Ulta here!! However, if you’re not sure if you’ll love the primer, I would recommend asking for a sample.

Have you tried this primer? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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2 thoughts on “The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel Primer | Review

  1. Thank you for this review! I have this primer on my wish list and have done for a while now, I’ll definitely ask for a sample before I commit to a hefty price tag! Mind you, I live in the UK where its always raining and never particularly warm, so hopefully I won’t have the same problems you did! xo

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