Five Beauty YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is a great place to watch just about any type of video that interest you and for me that is makeup!! I have a few channels that I love to watch to better my makeup skills and to see their thoughts on makeup that I may be indecisive on.

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The five YouTubers I will be sharing with you are my go-to for beauty so keep reading to check them out! Enjoy!! 

Ali Andreea – One of her videos popped up on my recommended and as soon as I finished watching it, I subscribed!! She is a very talented makeup artist and has many tips!! In one video I learned so much that made my makeup look even better!!  You can check her out here! (The video I first watched of her’s was Makeup Mistakes to Avoid!)

Cosmobyhaley – I actually found out about her through the Discover section of Instagram and just fell in love with her makeup!! She does such gorgeous makeup and I am always mesmerized when I watch her videos.  She does simple makeup looks as well as looks that are more detailed.  You can see her videos here!

Jackie Wyers – I discovered her while I was searching for more makeup channels on Youtube.  I wanted to find a someone that was girly since I am pretty girly myself and I stumbled upon Jackie Wyers’ channel.  I think she is super pretty and I love her hair!! She does videos where she creates looks based on a music videos and also has looks on various characters.  One thing I really like about her videos is that she includes hair and even though I am not the best at styling my hair, I just love to watch her go through the process because she is very good at styling hair! Check her videos here!

Wayne Goss – In all honesty I go back and forth between subscribing and unsubscribing to his channel, I’m not sure why, I just do.  He has many great tips and also tells it how it is.  If he doesn’t like a certain makeup trend he will make a video on it and explain why the trend may not be the best.  I have also picked up a few tips from him.  To see his videos, go here!

Kalyn Nicholson – While her channel is not much makeup, I had to include her because she is my number one favorite YouTuber and she has taught me so much on the beauty of life!  She has so many life tips that help you appreciate where you are in life.  She does post a few makeup videos and while she the only YouTuber in this list that is not a Makeup Artist, she has some great looks!  Check out her videos here!

These are my favorite YouTubers to watch when in comes to beauty/makeup!

Let me know in the comments below who your favorite are!!

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One thought on “Five Beauty YouTubers to Watch

  1. My favorite YouTuber is NikkieTutorials and Tati! NikkieTutorials is so passionate about makeup and her makeup skills and tutorials are bomb! Tati is the queen of reviews so before I go buy a makeup product, I just stop by her channel to see if she has a review on it or not 😄


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