This or That: Summer Tag

Happy Monday!

I am currently in Mexico visiting my family so I wanted today’s post to be fun and simple.  I love answering tags so I thought I summer tag would be great.  I found this tag on LifeThroughTSG so make sure to check her’s out as well!!

This or That: Summer Tag

Out of all the seasons, summer is my least favorite because I cannot stand the heat (I live in Texas!).  However, I still try to enjoy the summer as much as I can.  Also, my birthday is in August so that’s awesome!  Anyway, let’s get right into the tag. Enjoy!! 

Ocean or Pool: I like both but I would say pools because they don’t give my mouth a salty taste!

Beach Vacation or Wilderness: Definitely beach vacation!!  I really, really don’t like the wilderness, I can’t stand insects or sweating!

Watermelon or Strawberries: I love watermelon, it’s the perfect treat for a hot, summer day!  Watermelon water is also super tasty!!

Bikini or One Piece: Three piece! I like to wear the swimsuits that are like a shirt with the shorts, it’s what I’m most comfortable with.

Lemonade or Iced Tea: I love a glass of sweet tea!

Hotdogs: Grilled or Over a Fire: Grilled? I don’t really have a strong preference to be honest.

Hat or Sunglasses: Sunglasses for sure! My mom always gets onto me for not wearing hats but I just find them uncomfortable, plus my hair tends to be up in a messy bun most of the time.

Windows Down or AC: AC all the way!! I’ve mentioned it before, I sweat super easily so I’m only comfortable if the AC is on!!

Tanning Lotion or Sunscreen: Sunscreen for sure because I don’t like tanning, I prefer staying close to my skin tone during the summer since I’m already somewhat tan to begin with and also I hate changing my foundation so I like to keep it as close to my natural skin as possible.

Baseball Game or Concert: I don’t go much to either but I’d prefer a concert, in a place with AC.  Baseball during a hot summer day just sounds miserable to me.

Ice Cream or Popsicle: This one really depends.  I eat more ice cream but sometimes a popsicle just feels more refreshing.

Fireworks or Fireflies: Both are very pretty but I will have to go with fireflies because it’s more excited to see them light up and without the fear of fire.  I love how pretty they look when the skin is a dark blue right before the sun fully sets!

Flip Flops or Bare Feet: When I’m home I find it uncomfortable wearing shoes, I’m not exactly sure why ; so bare feet it is!

Water Balloons or Squirt Guns: In the present day, neither but when I was younger it was hands down water balloons.  My cousins and I would gather up our money and buy a water balloon kit for the summer and have so much fun!!

Those are my answers to the This or That: Summer Tag!  Feel free to answers these question in the comments or in your own post, let me know if you do!

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