Summer Health Goals

Having specific goals is the key to success!!  What also helps is breaking down goals.  My main goal is to lose weight and be healthy.  That is a pretty vague goal but if I break it down smaller and get specific, it will help me reach my main goal.

Summer Health Goals

I have come up with 4 goals that I want to work on this summer.  I will try my best to keep them up during my vacation but I’m not going to fret if I don’t because after all it is vacation!  So keep reading to see the four goals I will be working on this summer! Enjoy!! 

  • Workout 5 days per week.  I think think number of days is great because if I want, I can workout more days throughout the week but if I am feeling fatigued or it just so happens to be a very busy day, I won’t feel bad for not working out that day.  I will be following Blogilates workout calendar when working out.
  • Keep at calories.  By this I mean that I will not go over or stay under.  I don’t want to over eat, obviously, but I also don’t want to under eat because I know that it could lead to binging.  My calories to loose weight were set by the dietitian I was seeing when I was still in school so I trust that it is a good amount to keep fueled but also to lose weight!
  • Include a serving of fruit for breakfast and a serving of veggies for lunch and dinner.  I’m already pretty good at the fruit for breakfast part so I just want to maintain that.  The veggies part is what can be difficult.  I don’t really eat a lot of veggies so this goal can help me branch out to various veggies while also getting the nutrients that I probably don’t get enough of because of my lack of veggie consumption.
  • Weigh myself weekly.  I want to do this so I can see progress as time goes by.  This will not be my only way of taking progress but it can help me see where I am going.  I only plan to focus on the scale at the beginning of my weightloss journey because I don’t want to get obsessive with weighing myself.

Those are my four goals that I will be focusing on this summer!  Let me know in the comments below what your health goals are this summer!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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