Summer Fun

Happy Sunday!!

I am up pretty early this Sunday.  I have a candle lit and listening to a new album I just purchased – Being No One, Going Nowhere by STRFKR – so it’s a pretty great morning for me!  The “theme” for this Sunday’s post is Summer Fun because this summer has definitely been one of the most fun I have had in a long time!!

Summer Fun

This week especially has been super fun!!  Keep reading to check out how my Fourth of July went and to get more details on my upcoming trip. Enjoy! 

Fourth of July was super eventful!!  I was checking my Snapchat that morning when I saw that one of my cousins had been at the hospital.  He lives right by my house so when I snapped him back he came over.  He had a pretty crazy cut but luckily he was okay!!  He wanted me to help him with some things and after that my sister, bf, and cousins went to their house to eat some burgers that were leftover from the night before.

We went to Walmart after eating then to buy some fireworks.  I had snapped a picture of the fireworks but forgot to save it or I would have included here.  The fireworks were super pretty and I wasn’t as scared this year.  Last year I kept screaming!!

We wanted to swim that day but my cousin’s pool was in very poor condition, the water was green!  My aunt scrubbed the floor of the pool, which was covered in algae while we went to Walmart to buy cleaning products for the pool.  After much hard work, the pool was clear again and we swam for a long time.  We played volleyball with a beach ball and I was super into the game, which is super weird for me because I’m not really the sporty type!!

This week my parents also left for Mexico and it just got me that much more excited for when I go!! I’ll be heading out next week and I’ll be going my airplane.  It is going to be my very first time flying so that makes me a bit nervous but I’m also excited that I will be getting to Mexico in less than 3 hours!!  When going by car it can take about 18 – 22 hours depending on how crowded the border is, so 3 hours is seriously nothing!!  Going to Mexico is one of my favorite things to do because I love the food and most importantly I love to visit my family and catch up with them.

So far my summer has been a great one and this Fourth of July was super fun!!  I honestly cannot wait to be in Mexico!!  I will be posting about my trip when I get back so stay tuned for that post!!

I hope your week was just as fun as mine!  Also if you have any tips for a first time flyer, let me know in the comments below! I would greatly appreciate them!

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