Focusing on the Present

Happy Sunday!!

I was having a bit of trouble trying to think of a theme for this week and finally this morning I thought of one that perfectly sums up this week.  Focusing on the Present really summarizes my week because I caught myself getting overwhelmed about the future a lot this week!

Focusing on the Present

As many of you may know, I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree this May.  While I am super happy and proud that I reached such a huge milestone, it also means that I have to find a full time job!  The future can be super scary to think about but remembering to focus on the present really helps!!  Keep reading to see how my week went as well as how I cope when I start thinking too much about my future.  Enjoy!

This week felt like it dragged on!!  I was pretty busy at work and my days off were also very busy!!  Tuesday my sister, boyfriend, and cousins agreed to go swimming in the afternoon.  That whole day I was dreading swimming because I just kept thinking about how tired I would be afterwards.  I was super close on cancelling but last minute I decided to go swimming.  I was super tired after swimming but it was not a big deal like I made it out to be.  I had lots of fun swimming with my cousins!!

Thursday was probably the funnest day of my week.  I had to take my mom to an appointment.  Her appointment was super quick and afterwards we did some shopping and ate at one of my favorite places, Cheddar’s!  All the shopping we did that day was to prepare for Mexico.  That kind of shopping is one of my favs because it gets me super excited for the trip and I also love planning!!

That afternoon and Friday I started stressing about finding a full time job.  I also started stressing over how it feels like I’m never going to move out or get married.  I am aware that 22 is still young but I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years and I get impatient.  These feelings really arise when I see people that I graduated high school with getting married and buying houses of their own.  I always have to take a step back and realize that it’s okay that I’m not there yet.

Yesterday I came to the realization that at one point in my life I couldn’t see myself receiving a Bachelor’s Degree and here I am with one.  The milestones in life are like that.  You can’t see them and then bam you are well on your way to them.  I will take my example of my degree with me when I stress.  I may not see a clear future but I know it will be great regardless!!

This week had me a bit stressed but it is important to focus on the present because the present is what I can control.  My actions now will shape my future.  It’s also important to live in the now because one day we will be old.  When I am older and look back at my life, I want to know that I didn’t spend all my time worrying about things I cannot control.

How do you deal when you stress about the future?

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