Stranded on an Island

Recently I was browsing Pinterest for some blog post ideas and I stubbled upon a post by A Girl, Obsessed.  She list some post ideas specifically for beauty bloggers as well as other  categories.  One of the ideas on her list was to write about five products you would take with you if you were stranded on island.  I thought this would be a fun and interesting post.

Stranded on an Island

Keep reading to see which five beauty products I would bring along with me if I were stranded on an island. Enjoy!! 

1. Moisturizer with SPF!!! This would keep me safe from the sun because I imagine the island I would be stranded in would be super sunny!! It would also help my skin keep pretty.

2. Deodorant!!!! Because I don’t want to stink, even if I am by myself on this island.

3. Detangler! My hair is curly and get tangled super easily so detangler is a must-have if I am going to keep sane stranded in this island.

4. Sheet Face Mask.  Again, I am picturing a hot island so a sheet face mask is going to help my face cool and also help my face repair from the island’s atmosphere.

5. 3-in-1 Body Wash.  Some of you may be asking yourselves “what the hell is 3-in-1 body wash?”  Well, apparently, there is a body was that can also be used as shampoo and conditioner. I know, I was shocked that this exists too!!  My boyfriend has a bottle of this and while I definitely would not ever use it other than for body wash, it would be a great product to have in a stranded island!!

Those are the five beauty products I would take with my if I were stranded on an island.  As I finished writing my five items, lots more ideas came to mind, one was deodorant, which I ended up including.  The other one was a razor because, while I wouldn’t really mind hair on my legs, I would get grossed out by having hair on my armpits.

What would your five beauty products be? Let me know in the comments below!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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