My Favorite Ways to Workout

Working out is something super important not only when trying to lose weight but also to have a healthy lifestyle overall.  For me, working out is something that I sometimes struggle with and other times I love.  Throughout the years I have done different types of workouts and some I loved while other bored me so much.  It is very important find a workout that you love that way you can look forward to working out instead of dreading.

My Favorite Ways to Workout

Keep reading to see which types of workouts are my favorite.  Enjoy!! 

Dancing: I’ve always loved dancing, I took it in high school for 2 1/2 years.  I really enjoy workout videos about dance.  I love learning the dance routine and then going through the whole dance at the end.  Dancing is great cardio and time flies by for me when I am dancing.  Just Dance video games is my favorite type of dance workout.  I select the dances are more vigorous and sometimes I will do jumping jacks or planks while the next song comes on.

Walking: Walking is super peaceful, I enjoy walking alone and with others.  I spend a lot of time indoors so I really enjoy going to my park and walking the trails.  Walking is probably my favorite way to workout, it relaxes me and while I can’t run for that long, I can walk a pretty long distance.

Blogilates: I was introduced to Blogilates about four years ago, thanks to my favorite Youtuber, Kalyn Nicholson.  Cassey Ho’s workout are amazing because I can do them in the comfort of my house and I don’t have to pay for the videos.  Cassey is super positive and always keeps me motivated to keep on going.  She has a beginners calendar for people new to Pop Pilates or to working out in general.  She also has monthly calendars that are more intense.  I sometimes follow her calendars but, for the most part, I like to mix and match her videos to the target area I am trying to workout.  The other thing I really enjoy is that most of her videos don’t require equipment.  I highly recommend you check out her videos!!

PIIT28: This is a program developed my Cassey Ho, it is HIIT with pilates moves and the workout lasts 28 minutes.  She has three levels already out, I have finished the first level and it really helped strengthen my body.  You do have to pay for this program but Cassey does have some videos on her Youtube channel that are in PIIT28 style if you want to check it out before you pay for the program.

Those are my current favorite ways to workout.  I usually alternate between my workouts so some months I’ll do PIIT28 and other months I will just select a few Blogilates videos and not have a strutted schedule.  Working out is super important so finding your favorite way is key.

What is your favorite way to workout? Let me know in the comments below.

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