Sit Back Sunday #17

Happy Sunday!!!

This morning is a rainy Sunday morning and, for me, that is a super awesome way to start out Sunday.  I love raining days, especially when I don’t have to do anything all day. This week was my first week that I am no longer a student, I work on campus so going to school after graduation was super weird!!

Sit Back Sunday

Keep reading to see how my first week out of school went. Enjoy!!! 

All of Monday and Tuesday, I constantly kept checking my student account to check if grades were posted.  I knew I had passed all my classes but there was a research class that I was not sure what my grade would be.  Finally, Tuesday night, grades were up!!  I ended my last semester pretty good, I got 3 A’s and 2 B’s (yay!!).

One thing that I am still getting used to is having all this free time.  I’m still working part-time so I have so much time and I don’t want to spend it sleeping in or on the couch because I think this time could be really good to get into a workout regimen and also discover healthy recipes.  Honestly, I feel weird that I am only working part-time, almost as if I’m wasting time, and not full-time.  Before the semester ended, I was looking for full-time jobs and managed to get one interview but ultimately did not get the job.  I got really exhausted from finding jobs, I desperately wanted one (I still slightly do), but I decided to wait until after getting back from Mexico in order to continue my search.

By the end of the week, I started getting lazy and skipped my workout, I even skipped blogging.  This is what I want to avoid while I am working part-time.  I want to stay productive because I know that I can get super lazy if I am not careful.  Of course, somedays will be more productive than others because I still want to enjoy the fact that I have time to do nothing!

Overall this week was chill and I’ve definitely been enjoying not having school.  Although, I still have a feeling that I have some assignment or test coming up, it always happens to me after finishing a semester, super weird!!

Let me know in the comments down below how your week was!! Do any of y’all still feel like you have assignments/tests coming up? Or maybe you actually still do, let me know!!

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