Slow & Steady

Do any of you remember that story with the tortoise and the fox?  They race and the fox is sure he is going to win so he takes a rest and doesn’t take the race seriously.  On the other hand, the tortoise takes the race seriously and even though he is slower than the fox he ultimately wins the race.  Weightloss is similar to this story, you want to be the tortoise and not the fox.

Slow & Steady

Slow and steady is something that I have recently found is working for me instead of trying to get a fast way or some shortcut.  Keep reading to find out more!!

Like I have mentioned before, losing weight is something I have been trying to do for a long time.  I had lost weight before but didn’t learn how to properly eat healthy, just cut down my portion.  Cutting portion sizes is good but it’s not better than learning how to eat healthy foods that nourish the body.

Almost a year ago, when I started my fall semester, I decided I wanted to go see a dietitian because they are the experts on eating healthy and I knew I could trust them, especially a dietitian provided by my university.  Going to my dietitian was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made!!  During my last visit with her at the beginning of this month, she gave me an overview of my progress.  Even though I didn’t lose much weight, I did learn so much.  I went from eating out just about every day of the week, I was even hiding the fact that I was eating out that much from my family, which shows just how bad it was getting.  I do still eat out and it is something that I am still trying to limit but I am eating out about 3 days a week compared to the whole week.

Discussing my goals and what I did meet and didn’t meet helped me keep accountable.  It also helped me find new ways of approaching my goals.

Slow and steady is the theme today because this lifestyle change will be slow, I am learning how to eat differently and as a picky eater that loves burger and fries, it’s going to take a while to get use to.  I know some people want the easy way but I’d rather take my time learning how to properly nourish my body and find which types of workouts I love and maintain a healthy body than have an easy fix only to regain the weight back.

Every Monday, stating next week, I will write about my progress and what I accomplished and didn’t for that week.  I also don’t want to get boring so I will be writing different posts along with my progress, next week will be my Go-to Breakfasts so stay tuned!!

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