Sit Back Sunday #16

Happy Sunday!!

I’m writing this week’s Sit Back Sunday late since I was hanging out with family earlier.  This week was surreal to me, it was my last week as an undergraduate!!! I took my very last final, which I made an A on (YAY!!) and then on Friday I walked across the stage.

Sit Back Sunday

Keep reading to hear more about my last week as an undergrad and all the festivities!!!

As the end of the semester approached, I started to feel overwhelmed with finding a full time that I wasn’t enjoying the fact that I was graduating.  All those feeling changed on Friday.  Friday was a super busy day since I was helping my parents prepare for my party on Saturday and then I had to get  ready for my graduation.  Graduation was amazing, I was nervous but also very excited and very proud of myself.  I was super happy with the speaker they had because his parents had come from Mexico, just like my parents.  He was the first person to graduate from his family and I am too and he made me realize how big of an accomplishment that was.  My family was also super proud of me!! It fills me with so much joy to know that I have made my family proud!!


Saturday was such a fun day, my family came together to celebrate my graduation.  The fun part about my party was that I was able to choose the music that I wanted, usually my dad or one of my aunts or uncles will choose the music.  I was able to play all my indie music which was so much fun!! I also had lots of fun reminiscing with my sister and cousins on all of our shenanigans as children, we were laughing so much, my throat started to hurt.  I had such a great time and the cake was super delicious!! One of my aunts made the cake and the frosting was made of coffee and Nutella since she knows I love both!!

Today my family came together at my house again and we reheated all the leftover food from my party and celebrated Mother’s Day.  Later in the day, I took Mariel, my sister, and my younger cousins to Ulta since I had received two gifts cards and I did some shopping, I’ll be posting a haul later this week!!

Overall this week was amazing and I still can’t believe I have a Bachelor’s Degree!!!  I’m super proud of myself and also super happy that I have such a supporting family!!

I would also like to wish my wonder mother and all the mothers out there a great Mother’s Day!!!

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    • Thanks!! I have definitely followed the advice you gave me on my other post about enjoying the moment and not worrying too much about finding a full time job right away, it has helping me stay sane so thank you!!!💕

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