Sit Back Sunday #15

Happy Sunday!!!

This week, I would say, was a perfect example of a college student in her last semester.  I had a few assignments due that I honestly did not want finish and my only motivation to finish those assignments was that if I don’t do them, then I don’t get to graduate!!

Sit Back Sunday

Keep reading to read my ups and downs of this week.  Enjoy!!

This week was kind of weird because it started out kind of bad but ended good but I cannot pin point the reason why I was in a bad mood.  Maybe it’s the thought that in less than a month I will no longer be a college student and that’s kind of scary.  I just remind myself that at one point I was a soon to be high school graduate and the thought of college was scary, so in the end, everything will be okay!

Thursday evening was when my week started getting better since I had completed my assignments for the week so I felt free.  I joined my sister, Mariel, and cousin, Sami, to walk at the park and it was super enjoyable to get out of the house.  Friday was fun too since I met up with my boyfriend, Anthony, for lunch.  We had lunch at the mall and since we had time left before we had to leave, we decided to go to the arcade that’s in the mall.  Friday evening we also finished 13 Reasons Why and omgee you guys, it was intense!! If you haven’t watched it yet, GO WATCH IT!!!

Saturday was a lazy day but fun nevertheless.  During the weekend we have a meal that we really love, calories don’t count for that meal!!  I had a delicious chicken fried steak with mac and cheese from Cotton Patch, it was super yummy!!!  We went out the stores in the evening since we were both bored and I picked up a few items.  I bought Anthony a case since I hate seeing his phone not have one.  I also bought myself the new Fitbit Flex 2 which I had been wanting for a while and I’m super happy to have it!!  Finally we went to Target and it was just going to be to look around, but we all know that you can’t just look around in Target!!  I bought this book called Eat Pretty, Live Well which is a journal/book about eating healthy in order to get benefits that will make you have beautiful nails, skin, etc.  Once I am done with the journaling part of the book, I will be reviewing it so look out for that.

The last highlight of Saturday was that I started watching Girlboss, it’s new show on Netflix about Sophia Amoruso and how she started an online business that led to her brand, Nasty Gal.  The show is super fun to watch so I also recommend Girlboss!!

Well that was my week, it was kind of tough at the beginning but in the end it turned out so much fun!! I hope you all are having a great Sunday!!

What is one fun thing you did this week?

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