Chic Thanksgiving Nails

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I absolutely love this holiday, I love cooking, spending time with family, and of course, eating!!! Every year my mom helps me make the turkey while we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Chic Thanksgiving Nails
Currently our turkey is in the oven so I wanted to share with you all my nails for this holiday.  At first I wanted to go for more traditional colors but I think the deep blue looks great with the gold accent nail, I think it adds a chic twist!! 

Like always, I prepped my nails with the Formula X by Sephora kit.  The main color that I used is Go Overboard by Essie and the gold glitter one is Summit of Style by Essie as well.  If the gold glitter polish seems familiar to you, it’s because I use it in most of my nail polish post, I really love the nail polish!!

Chic Thanksgiving Nails
Do you like to paint your nails according to the holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving and for those that don’t celebrate it, happy Thursday!  I am super thankful for all of y’all!!

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