August 2016 Favorites

As if this year wasn’t flying by fast enough, another month has come and gone!  I am super excited that August has come to an end because it means that the Fall coffees going to come out, the weather is going to cool down, and it will be time for sweater weather.  Living in Texas my whole life has made me hate the summer!! Yeah, it’s nice to have warm weather but Texas over does it!!  I’m ready for sweater weather!!

August 2016 Favorites

Since it is the last day of August, it is also a perfect time to let you know all the stuff I’ve been loving this month!  Enjoy!

Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman: I’ll be honest, most of the time I judge a book my it’s cover and thankfully Backlash caught my attention.  I saw the book at Target and I read a small blurb.  I immediately got hooked and bought it on my iPad that night.  I finished the book in about three days.  This is such a great story about the consequences of online bullying and jumping to conclusions.  I definitely recommend this book to everyone but especially those in middle and high school!

Conair Lighted Mirror:  I had mentioned to Anthony that I wanted a mirror with the light around it for better makeup application.  I was super surprised to see that he had gotten me the mirror for my birthday and I have been using it all the time I do my makeup!  The mirror really does make a difference and it’s perfect since the light in my room isn’t enough when I do my makeup.  He bought it at Target in case any of y’all are interested in getting one.

Conair Mirror | August 2016 Favorites

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner:  As many of you might know, Sephora gives a small birthday gift on your birth month if you are in their Beauty Insider program.  This year they gave two options and I went with the Marc Jacobs one since I had never tried their products.  I got a gorgeous lipstick and a black eyeliner.  I kind of gave up on eyeliner that wasn’t liquid because it would never last me.  This eyeliner last all day long and I’ve been wearing so much this month.

Stila Matte About You Liquid Lipstick in Patina:  For some reason, my liquid lipstick collection is super, duper small.  I think I have two with this one.  I decided to wear this liquid lipstick to try it out and I was kind of nervous to wear it.  When I put it on, the lipstick dried really quick but my lips didn’t feel dry at all.  I really love the color on this lipstick!!

Key West Aloe Cucumber Under Eye Gel:  I got this under eye gel in my August Birchbox and I’ve been putting it on everyday since I got it.  I love this product because I can actually see it working almost instantly and it makes me look awake even when I haven’t had a good night sleep!

Makeup | August 2016 Favorites

Lily Pulitzer Planner:  I was in my campus bookstore just wasting time and I decided to look at the planners.  When I saw this hot pink planner with the cute gold elephants, I just had to get it!! I like that it starts in August but goes all the way to December 2017.

August 2016 Favorites

Well those are my favorites from August!

What are your August Favorites?

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