Fall Wishlist

With the start of my Fall semester, I get super pumped about the Fall season!!  Because it is still hot where I live, I can’t go out and buy sweater weather clothes, I have decided to make a wishlist of some of the stuff I want this Fall season!

I definitely plan on getting all the things on my wishlist since they are not that expensive. Also some of the items on my list are things that I have been wanting but for some reason or another I have never bought.  Well let’s get right into my Fall Wishlist. Enjoy!

Fall Wishlist

Laura Geller Color Enriched Anti-Aging Lipstick in Clove Red: I was on the Laura Geller website trying to find another shade of lipstick that I had seen in an Instagram picture.  When I saw the Clove Red color, I loved it much more than the original color I was finding.  It is a deep wine red color and I like it because I love wearing darker shades during fall but this one doesn’t have a purple undertone to it.
Tan Crossbody Bag:  I absolutely love big satchel bags but while I am in school, I like to use crossbody bags because they are easier to be on campus with and because they are small.  I want a tan one like the one pictures because it is such a good fall and neutral color that can pretty much go with any outfit.
Plaid Scarf: I love using scarves but for some reason, I have never bought a plaid one.  A scarf like this one would look super adorable with so many fall and winter outfit!
Kate Spade Phone Case: I actually have already owned the case picture above but I want to buy it again because I love the white and gold dots look.
Cute Sweatpants: Once the weather gets colder, I love in sweats whenever I can! The ones from PINK are kind of expensive but they also seem very comfortable.  Buying the PINK sweats would probably be the splurge of the Fall season, I absolutely can’t wait to buy some.  I also love the skinny pant because they look a little bit more put together than the baggy sweats.
Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Apple Candle:  This candle is my absolute favorite!!!!  I want to wait for a really good deal to buy this candle because I want to buy at least three of them.  Last year I went through 2 of them plus a cheap version of this one so I want to be prepared because this candle will definitely be lit all the time this fall!!
Brown Flats:  Just like the bag, these flats would look gorgeous with a lot of the fall outfits I have in mind!  I also want a pair of flats because I didn’t buy a lot for a while so now I only have one pair that I recently bought.  I want to grow my flat collection because they make outfits look more professional.
Those are the things in my Fall Wishlist! I definitely can’t wait until sweater weather is upon us!!
What are some things in your Fall Wishlist?
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

7 thoughts on “Fall Wishlist

  1. Nooo don’t get me started on fall, I just love it so much! I am totally into scarves and candles during this time of year, but I won’t lie I do have a slight candle obsession which happens all year round haha xx

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