Back to School Tips

School is right around the corner! For some, it has already started, and for others, like me, it’s starting this week.  I start class on Thursday, which is weird but also nice that the first week is just two days.  This is my last year of college and I am super excited to finally graduate!!  I’ve been in school for many years so I thought I would share some of my back to school tips with you!

Back to School Tips

These tips can help you weather your in high school and college so let’s get right into them!

1. Get your school stuff ready the night before. I always get my backpack ready for the next day the night before, this helps me not forget anything for the next day since I’m not rushing in the morning.  You can also lay out your outfit for the day, which I only do sometimes.  What I do more often is lay out my makeup in order of how I am going apply it the next morning.

2. Study in the best environment for you.  This one may take a while to figure out but everyone has a certain type of environment that they study best in.  I study best in a quite environment so I also go to the quite floors in the library.  I tend to get distracted easily by other conversations and music so I need absolute silence!  I also study best at school versus home because there are way more distractions at home.  I also like to study on my own versus with groups.  I like to study alone for two reasons, 1) I tend to be a bit shy, and 2) I sometimes don’t trust others to know the material.  I know that sounds bad but for the most part I grasp things in class very quickly compared to others.  I do however ask my classmates their opinions when I don’t understand something and that usually helps a lot! Do you know your best study environment?

3. Study breaks are important!  I have to take a study break about every 30 minutes but it also depends how motivated I feel like studying that day. This is different for everyone, while I take a break every 30 minutes, my best friend likes to study for a longer time with less study breaks because a lot of breaks gets her out of study mode.  My breaks are usually only five minutes where I check social media or rest my head for a bit.  Again, doing these helps me soak up more information.

4. It’s okay to not know anybody in class.  I used to struggle a lot with this in high school.  I would always freak out when I would walk to class and not see a familiar face.  I made such a big deal out of this so it made class not so fun.  Since I started college, I realized that I don’t need to know anyone in class since I am there to learn.  I almost always make a friend in each class but if I don’t, I don’t let that worry me anymore.

5. Have fun, join a club!  This is a tip that I want to put in good use this school year!  Joining a club can not only help you make friends but it can also help you feel like you fit in somewhere.  This will make going to school more fun!

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8 thoughts on “Back to School Tips

  1. Loved your tips on school! We actually have almost the same tactics lol. I’m actually like your friend though because I can get out of study mode if I take a long break. Anyways, what are you studying? So glad to hear your finishing already…


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