Some of you may know that my 22nd birthday was on Monday!  I didn’t do anything big, I just spent the day with my family and boyfriend.  I, of course, had to start the day off my listening to Taylor Swift’s 22!! The night before my birthday I made a playlist for my birthday, it was mostly up beat songs but it also featured some of my favorites that weren’t as upbeat as the other songs.


I had such a wonderful day on my birthday but it also made me think about a few changes that I want to work on.  I know that at 22 I am still young but I think it is also time to start developing good habits for later on.  Because of this, I thought I would make a list of things that I want to work on while I’m 22, so if you’re interested, keep reading.  Enjoy!!

Being Healthy: I know this is always that is something that is on lists like this but it is something that I really want to work on.  I can feel myself getting closer to this goal but I am definitely not there yet.  It takes baby steps and lots of patience but I want to see a big difference in me health wise when I turn 23.

Join a Group:  I have always been kind of shy so I have never been a person to be in any kind of club.  This year is my last year in college so I want to join at least one club so that I can branch out and so I can look back on my last year of college and not regret not being part of any group.

Start a YouTube Channel:  This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now and since starting Makeup & Flowers, I have gotten more comfortable with the idea of filming myself.  My goal is to keep up with both a YouTube channel and this blog because I really can’t imagine parting ways with it.

Graduate College:  My advisor has already told me that I only have a year left so I am going to work hard to get good grades! I am actually kind of scared that I will fail a class and not be able to graduate in May of 2017 but I quickly shut those thoughts because I have never failed a class so I will definitely not let myself fail on the last year.

Be Happy!:  Being happy is one of the most important things to me because honestly there is no point the above goals if I am not happy while achieving them.  I want to take the steps in my life so that I am not stuck with something that makes me unhappy.  I am pretty happy with my life but I know that the above goals are going to make me even happier, especially the health one!

What are some goals you want to achieve at your age?

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