Sit Back Sunday #13

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

This week has been a very eventful week!!  Monday and Tuesday were pretty much like usual, go to work and chill at home.  It was Wednesday when everything started to happen!! So keep reading to find out how a chill week turned into a hectic and eventful one!

Sit Back Sunday

One of my cousins is at the hospital so when my aunt asked me to stay with my cousin for a couple of hours so that she could go home and rest for a bit, I agreed.  I was on my way to the hospital and when I hit the first set of lights after getting of the highway, I noticed that my car was feeling strange.  I would press the gas and it would take it a while to actually go.  Even though this was happening, it would still go so I proceeded.  When I got to a stop that was right in front of the hospital, my car would no longer move.  I basically had to park my car in a no parking zone but luckily, the security staff at this hospital helped me out a lot.  I eventually called my sister to look after my cousin since I had to deal with my car.  My dad also tried to fix it but unfortunately he couldn’t so I had to get it towed to my house.

While that was quite the day, I was glad that everyone was super nice and helpful to me and on top of that my makeup was still looking good!!

Wednesday was as hardcore as it got but yesterday was eventful because I did a lot!! My mom offered to help my aunt, since my cousin is still at the hospital, so my sister and I dropped her off at the hospital.  The exciting thing was that after we dropped her off we headed to the movie theater to watch Suicide Squad!! The movie was super amazing, I really loved the cast for this movie!! We later picked up my mom from the hospital and then headed to eat out because we were starving.  Once we got to Whataburger, I gave my sister the keys because I was so done with driving for the day!

Even though this week was kind of crazy, it made it go by fast and I still had fun, especially when watching the movie!!

Have any of y’all watched Suicide Squad?

So now onto my favorite Instagram pics of the week!!

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See you in a week beautiful! 💖💖(📷 @wonguy974 )

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Those are my favorite pics (& one video) this week! Which pic is your favorite?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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