July 2016 Favorites

It’s officially August and that means lots of things!!  For one, my 22nd birthday is in exactly one week!! Second, it is the last official month of the Summer and while I do love this month because it is my birth month, it is also the hottest month here in Texas (I’m ready for the Fall!!)  It also means that it is once again that time to share my favorites for the month with you.

July 2016 Favorites

This month, surprisingly is mostly makeup.  I say surprisingly because I haven’t had a favorites in a while that is primarily makeup.  So let’s get right into my favorite from July.  Enjoy!!

MAC Velvet Teddy: Nude lips are really in lately and but I hadn’t found a good go-to nude lipstick.  I decided to give this one a try and I absolutely love it!! It’s nude but with a touch of a coral/pink color which I think looks great on me!

MAC Velvet Teddy | July 2016 FavoritesMAC Velvet Teddy | July 2016 Favorites

Marcelle Curling & Lengthening Mascara: I got this mascara in this month’s Birchbox and it gives my eyelashes lots of length and volume.  I wore this mascara in my No-Makeup Makeup look and I just love how my eyelashes look in the featured picture!

Marcelle Curling & Lengthening Mascara | July 2016 Favorites

Starbucks Mango Black Tea: I tried this tea a while back but I really got into it this month.  It is super refreshing and not too sweet or artificial tasting.  I really recommend it, especially in this hot summer weather!

Hart of Dixie: I started watching Hart of Dixie when my parents and sister went to Mexico and I totally binged on it! I would get home and put it on right away!! I haven’t watched it much since they got back because I’ve been spending lots of time with my sister but I will definitely be back on binge mode this week!

Hart of Dixie | July 2016 Favorites

Tarte Classic Courage Palette: If you read my review of this palette then you will already know that I love it!! The palette works super well together and it is a perfect palette year round and day to night!!  You can check out my review to see the swatches of these beautiful shades!

Classic Courage Palette | TarteClassic Courage Palette | Tarte

Those are my favorites for the month of July.  Are any of these in your favorites as well?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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