Sit Back Sunday #12

Happy Sunday!!

Today’s Sit Back Sunday is going up late because I’ve just been hanging out with my family all day long!  My mom, dad, and sister got back from Mexico last night so we’ve been catching up on their vacation.  I’m glad they are back but also kind of sad that I won’t have the house to myself anymore.

Sit Back Sunday

I really made sure to enjoy this last week on my own!!  I would get home and binge watch Hart of Dixie.  To me that is enjoying because now I will no longer be able to do that in the living room and have complete peace and quite!  Anthony also spent the last two nights with me so that was fun, and I was able to get a better nights sleep since I wasn’t alone.  On Saturday, Anthony had the brilliant idea to go to the mall and I picked up a couple of things.  I will be posting a haul tomorrow so stay tuned if you want to know what I picked up!

I am now just enjoying having my family back, especially my sister!!  So now lets go onto my favorite pictures off of Instagram.  Enjoy!!


So those are my favorite pictures from Instagram and my week!!  I hope every one is having a great Sunday and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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