Sit Back Sunday #11

Happy Sunday!!

I am feeling very motivated this Sunday morning and one of the reasons is because I watched a few of Kalyn Nicholson‘s videos, which motivate me a lot!!  She is actually one of the reasons why I became obsessed with YouTube videos and why I started my blog!!  Before I let y’all in on my week, I have decided to change my blogging schedule just a tiny bit.  I know I had established a schedule already this past Monday, but I wasn’t really comfortable with it.  So now I will be blogging Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  I have decided that I will use my Saturdays to take pictures and plan posts so that I don’t feel the stress of have to take pics on posting days.  I am hoping that by dedicating a day to planning, Makeup & Flowers will be even better!

Sit Back Sunday

So onto my week!!  If you follow me on Snapchat, you will know that I went to Shreveport and stayed at Sam’s Town.  If you don’t follow me there my username is kaarlaa88 (you can also find my snap code on the right!)  Anthony (my bf) and I decided to go out to Louisiana and go to the casino in the hotel.  This was our first trip alone and it was amazing!! I didn’t have much luck this time around but it was still so much fun, the free margaritas help with that!!

The rest of my week was pretty normal, I went to work and binge watched Hart of Dixie on Netflix!!  Yesterday was also a pretty chill day, as will be today.  I had a mini spa night last night and it was so fun and relaxing!!The biggest highlight of my week is that I decided to start blogging again.  I was having doubts but those are gone now and I am super determined and motivated to take Makeup & Flowers to the next level!!

So that was pretty much my week, not much going on but I feel really great about life!!

Now, finally, to my favorite pics from Instagram!!

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Loved this makeup look! 👸🏼

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So that is my week and my favorite pics from Instagram!! I hope you had a great week and having a great Sunday!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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