Spa Night at Home

We all get stressed at some point in our lives and there is nothing like pampering yourself to deal with that stress.  Having a spa night is something we should all indulge in every once in a while!! You could go to a spa or you can pamper yourself in the comfort of your home!

Spa Night at Home

So here are some ways that you could enjoy your spa night at home! Enjoy!!

There is nothing like removing your makeup and washing your face after a long day at work, so that is the first step for my spa night.I love you use my face cleansing brush from  Vanity Planet and my cleanser by Jafra!  Using this brush helps get all the excess makeup off my face and it gives my face a nice soothing massage!

Face Cleansing Brush & Jafra Cleanser | Spa Night at Home

The next thing would be a nice face mask and foot mask!  My favorite face masks are from que bella, they have so many options at Target.  Right now, my favorite mask from them is the Papaya Peel Off Mask because it smells so tropical and summery and it makes my face look and feel smooth! When I saw that they had foot masks, I definitely had to get one since my feet tend to get really dry in the summer because I wear sandals just about every day!

Que Bella Masks | Spa Night at Home

While you wait for the masks to take effect, you can enjoy your favorite tv show, movie, book, or magazine!  My favorite show at the moment is Hart of Dixie, I’ve been binge watching it on Netflix!

Hart of Dixie | Spa Night at Home

You could always stop at the face mask or you could give yourself a mani & pedi!  I love to paint my nails because it forces to me be still while the polish is drying off and it is another great excuse to catch up on my favorite show.  The nail polished pictured are the Formula X Nail Cleanser, Formula X Base Coat, Essie A Cut Above (the glittery one), and Essie In Stitches (the dark rose one).

Formula X & Essie Nail Polish | Spa Night at Home

Don’t forget to light up your favorite candle, mine is Georgia Peach by Bath & Body Works, for a great scent and perfect lighting for relaxation!

I hope you enjoyed this Spa Night tutorial and I hope it helps you destress!

What are some things you do on a Spa Night?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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5 thoughts on “Spa Night at Home

  1. I absolutely love pamper nights! One of my all time favourite things to do. I have never heard of a foot mask! I need to look into this more and get myself some haha x

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