Everyday Makeup Routine

We all have our go to makeup routine that is quick and easy for everyday wear.  Mine has started to change a bit, at least in the eye area.  This makeup routine is what I will normally wear to work because it takes out the thinking and I get more time in bed! I also don’t normally wear makeup days that I am not doing anything, unless I feel bored.

So let’s get right in to my everyday makeup routine!

Face Makeup

Face Makeup

My face makeup tends to be the same no matter what, I really like my foundation so I don’t feel the need to wear a different one on an everyday basis.  If you read my blog, you will probably know that I mix my foundation and with my primer which makes it last all day long.  The makeup in the picture above are my favorite.  After finishing up all my face, I have started using the Coola setting spray that I received in my Birchbox.  I really like it because it has sunscreen in it so it adds more protection to my face.

Eyes & Lips | Everyday Makeup Routine

Eyes & Lips

For my eyes, eyebrows are a big must! They helps shape my face and adds the finishing touch to my makeup.  I love to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Wiz because the pencil is small.  For my mascara I love to use the Too Face Better Than Sex Mascara but I will also use the Lash Sensational by Maybelline.  The main thing that makes this look an everyday look is that I don’t wear eyeshadow because it makes my routine longer.  I also don’t like to have bear eyelids so i will add some brown eyeliner by Urban Decay and smudge it so it looks more natural.  If I do have more time I will actually do a winged liner with my liquid liner but usually I don’t have time.  I always put on Chapstick on my lips so that is the only thing I wear for this routine.

So that is my everyday makeup routine, I hope you enjoyed reading about it! Is your everyday makeup routine simple or complex?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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