Travel Bucket List

Traveling is something that I wish I could dome of and I have a few places that I really want to visit, some before I turn 30 and others just before I die.  I think traveling in your twenties is amazing if it’s something you can do because it’s the time when you have the least amount of responsibilities but you can also start paying for bigger expenses.

Anyway, today I want to share with you some places that I would love to travel to sometime in my life, I will list a few but of course as years go one, I will want to add places to this list.

Travel Bucket List

Paris, France: This is probably a very typical destination but I really do want to go there.  I have been fascinated my Parisian culture most of my life because it is chic, girly, and simple at the same time.

Disney World: Believe it or not, I have never been to Disney World or Disneyland.  This is one of the places that I want to go to as soon as possible.  My sister and I grew up with all things Disney and still watch it a lot.  I hope to travel to Disney sometime in the next two or three years.

Hawaii: Although I am not sure exactly where in Hawaii, I for sure want to travel there.  It looks super relaxing and beautiful on TV so I’m pretty sure it will be a perfect vacation place.

London: I want to travel to London because it looks like a great place to just walk and look around.  The other reason why I want to travel here is because some of my favorite Youtubers live there.  I know I will not bump into them or anything but it would be interesting to see where they live.

The Bahamas: Again this looks like such a relaxing place.  This is actually one of the places I have in mind for my honey moon.

New York City & Los Angeles: These are two major destinations in the U.S. so I would love to say that I have been to both places.  Both places look amazing in pictures and movies.  I hope both life up to my expectations.

Those are a few of the places that I would like to travel to at least once in my life.  I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to know some places that you are on your travel bucket list!

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