Making the Best Out of Life

Sometimes in life things go according to plan but more often then not, they go a completely different direction.  Even though things may not go how we wanted them to go, in order to be happy, we must make the best out of any situation.  I am only 21 but in those years I have encountered situations like this.  I will admit that when things go wrong, I do stress and I feel like my life isn’t ever going to be how I want it to be.  However, things always end up good and I am always grateful for what happened.

Making the Best Out of Life

Something like this happened to me recently, and it was actually the inspiration for this post.  I applied to a job in late March which had two locations, one close to my house and the other was about an hour way.  I got the job for the one that was farther away, since it payed more than what was then my job, I decided to take it.  I was super excited but the more I kept thinking about I realized that the job was too far away for me to go five days out of the week.  I only lasted one day on the job and I quit that afternoon.  I felt like such a failure for a few days then I made a mental list of all the things I could focus on while I was unemployed.

Now that I am about to start a new job tomorrow, I am really glad I was able to have a month off from working.  It helped me fully concentrate on school, which was amazing because I felt fully prepared for finals.  The other good thing that came out of this was that I was looking for jobs that I actually wanted.  I decided to apply to office jobs so that I can have experience in an office setting.  I, luckily, got a job at my university in an office setting.  In the end, this period of unemployment that made me feel like I was taking a step in the wrong direction, ended up being good for me.

This just shows that sometimes life may not go to plan but for a good reason.  I truly believe that things happen for a reason.  I also believe that we must make the best out of the situation.  I could have just lounged around the house feeling bad for myself but I decided to concentrate on other things in my life and made those better.

I hope this helped some of y’all feel better if you are in a bad situation, remember, in the end it all works out!

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