Sit Back Sunday #6

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

It is a rainy Sunday where I live today and I love it!! There’s something I love so much about rainy days, maybe it’s because it allows me to be kind of lazy and watch movies all day.  This week has been pretty great, in case you didn’t read my March Favorites + Life Update post, I quit my job so I’m currently unemployed.  I was kind of scared with my decision at first but I can see that it was a good decision because I’ve had so much needed time for school.  I also cannot believe how close I am to finishing the semester!! I’m excited for this summer since I have decided not to take classes and fully enjoy the summer break!

Sit Back Sunday

While I wasn’t doing homework, I binge watched Gilmore Girls and I have just started season two.  Other shows I’ve been watching are True Blood and I finally finished Parks & Recreation, I cried on the last show!  This week I plan on being more productive by working out and cooking myself healthy meals.  I want this unemployment period to have a good purpose so that I am not just letting life pass me by.

Now onto my favorite pictures of Instagram this week. Enjoy!!


Those are some of my favorite pictures from Instagram.  I hope everyone has a lovely and day!! Which picture is your favorite?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM


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