Spring Fashion Inspiration

Lately I have been all about Spring, I even got new bedding today! This year I have seen the color light pink all over magazines.  This light pink is one of my favorite and it’s not the type of light pink that you dress babies with, its a light pink but with an edge because it’s a bit darker.  That color has been one of my top inspirations this Spring.  Another inspiration, which is probably very obvious, is flowers.  I love flowers all year round and Spring is when I find the best floral patterns and also I find lots of beautiful pictures of them on sites like WeHeartIt and Pinterest.

Spring Inspiration Board


I decided to get on Polyvore and simply browse all of the clothing and accessories and I made a board of all the things that I want to purchase for this and other Springs to come.  I hope this board inspires you the way it has inspired me.
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM
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