February 2016 Favorites

This month flew by!! I had so much going on with school which kind of stressed me out but  it was still a great month because I watched a lot of tv on my spare time.  Most people would say that watching a lot of tv is bad but for me there is nothing like binge watching shows because it helps me escape and relax from a homework filled day.  I realized I watched a lot of tv this month and in my favorites you will see what I mean.

February 2016 Favorites

So let’s get started on this month’s favorites! Enjoy!

Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner: If you read my review over this liner, you will know that I absolutely love it! It’s super easy to apply which is probably why I wore it so much this month.  If you want to check out my review click here!!

Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner | February 2016 Favorites

Parks & Recreation:  I started watching this show after hearing someone say that it was a funny show.  I knew it was on Netflix and decided to give it a try since I needed a new funny show to watch.  I was hooked from the beginning and now my sister is hooked as well.  It is such a funny show, I definitely recommend it!

Zac Posen Lipstick in Sheer Madness by MAC: I decided to buy this lipstick because it looked like a perfect nude color.  Although I was scared that it would be more of a frosty color than a nude, I was so happy when I tried it on.  I have been wearing it everyday since it arrived in the mail and I really like it because it almost looks like a lipgloss but without the stick or heavy feel.

Zac Posen Lipstick in Sheer Madness by MAC | February 2016 Favorites

MoreMarcus YouTube Channel:  I was already subscribed to Marcus Butler’s main channel but I personally think the videos on his other channel or funnier.  He does very random stuff but it is entertaining.  This has been my go to YouTube channel this month for when I am feeling stressed and just want to laugh.

LORAC Pro Palette 2:  I have already mentioned before that this palette is one of my favorites even though I only really use five of the eyeshadows.  This month it was pretty much the only eyeshadow palette I used.  The five colors that I use in this palette are perfect for everyday eyeshadow and I already have a technique down so it makes doing my makeup so much faster.

LORAC Pro Palette 2 | February 2016 Favorites

Downton Abbey: This is the other show I have been binge watching this month.  I decided to watch it after hearing a lot of references to the show in other tv shows.  The other main reason I decided to watch it is because the seasons are included with Amazon Prime.  The show starts in the year 1912 and so at first it was kind of boring and I actually didn’t watch the second episode until after a week after watching the first one.  I am now officially hooked on the show and I am about to finish the second season!

Well those were my favorites this month.  Like I said, I watched a lot of tv this month!  Are any of my favorites also your favorites?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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