Fives Ways to Great Semester

My Spring semester starts next week and I both dreading it and excited for it.  I decided to take a few days off from blogging because it is my last week on winter break but I am back now!  So if you are like me just reading the syllabus can be stressful, especially if it’s a professor that you’ve never had before.  I literally have to tell myself that I will be able to handle the course work to de-stress myself.  Because of this I have decided to share with y’all five things I will be doing differently this semester so I can get the best grades I can achieve. Enjoy!

Five Ways to a Great Semester

1. Review the material before class.  If possible read the whole chapter.  My Anatomy & Physiology professor would always tell the class to do this but, being a bad student, I did’t bother with reading ahead of class.  This past semester, though, I had to read the chapter before class because my professor had the class take quizzes before the class.  Reading the chapter before class made a huge difference.  I was already familiar with the topic once I got to lecture so it was my second time hearing about the topic so it helped me memorize better and I got a A in that class.

2. Outline the chapter.  This is actually something I have never done before but it is a tip that I got from my Biology professor.  I will definitely  make outlines for my chapters this semester as I feel that it will help me get the bigger pictures.  It will also help me find sections faster when I am reviewing for a test.

3. Schedule study times.  Class is at a scheduled time so study times should also be scheduled.  If you set aside time to study, let’s say for an hour or two, then you know you are booked for that time slot.  Sometimes I just study at random times and if something fun comes up to do I stop studying.  Scheduling will help against this.  You can study and still have time for a fun activity. If possible study at around the same time every day so that you become used to studying at that time and it will eventually become habit.

4. Take study breaks. These are super important because it will help you retain information way better.  I usually have to take a break about every 20 minutes.  I make sure to only take about a five minute break.  I will at times take a longer break but for the most part it is 5 minutes.  My friend, on the other hand, can go longer without a break because to her every 20 minutes would get her out of the studying zone, so it is important to find out what works for you.

5. Relax on test days. If you have studied the material ahead of time then there is no reason to be stressed out on test days.  I like to review for my test the day of the test as well but about 15 – 30 minutes before the test I put away all review material and just relax.  This helps me de-stress and I have a clear mind so I concentrate better on the test.

Those are my fives ways to have a better semester.  I hope it helps out all the students out there.

What do you do to have a better semester?

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3 thoughts on “Fives Ways to Great Semester

  1. started my first day back yesterday and honestly this was great to hear. this semester and on I am trying. to stick to being organized and taking notes in different colored pens and make it look colorful on my pages of my book so it’s exciting when looking back. and it’s creative too. idk. maybe you could help me out on how to take notes? some more tips about college stuff? it’s my sophomore year almost my junior year but I still feel like a freshman every semester honestly!!

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    • Good luck this semester!! The way I take notes is called Cornel style, you can look it up to see what they look like. This style makes my notes looked more organized to me. If the professor uploads PowerPoint slides, I take my laptop to class to follow along. I don’t really like to write everything down because I stop concentrating on what my professor says. If you have more specific questions you can send me an email through the “contact me” section of my blog.

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