My Winter Essentials

While it took some time here in Texas to get cold weather, it is finally here!  I like the winter weather for the most part especially because I get to wear boots and jackets and I don’t have to fear the weather changing throughout the day too much like it does during the fall.

I decided to share with y’all my essentials for this winter season. Enjoy!

Winter Essentials

Jackets: I don’t wear jackets as much as I wear hoodies but when I find one that I love and fits great I get super happy! The jacket in the picture above is the one I own and it is super warm! I made it a goal to get a jacket this winter because last winter I only had hoodies and I suffered when it got colder so I am super glad I got my jacket this year.

Beanies & Scarves:  Beanies are something I can only wear in the winter because I get hot easily.  I especially like beanies for when I have to got out but my hair is a mess, I throw one on and I am ready to go.  The one I own is from American Eagle and it is super warm!  Scarves are something that greatly needed in the winter.  For this season I like to wear white ones and thicker scarves.  While in the fall I can get away with using light scarves, I definitely feel the need to wear thicker ones in the winter.

Boots: While I do have my Uggs, I like to also have a pair of nice boots that I can wear when I need to be a bit more dressy. I got the ones pictures above from Famous Footwear and I think the are super adorable!!

Slippers: For when my feet get cold I like to get slippers like the ones pictures above because it covers the bottom part of my legs and it really keeps my feet nice and toasty.

Blanket: I really wanted a blanket for Christmas and my boyfriend gave me one from Kohl’s from the Jennifer Lopez collection.  It is super warm and chic at the same time.  I like to sleep with a small blanket along with my regular blankets in the winter for added warmth at night.

Lotion & Lip Balm: It is super important to keep moisturized in the winter because the air is cold and our skin can crack.  I also notice that when I don’t put lotion on during the winter my skin gets super itchy because it gets super dry.  Lotion and lip balms are a big must during the winter months.

Cream Blush & Bronzer: Again, because our skin tends to be drier during this season, it is good to use cream blush and bronzer to keep the skin looking dewy and moisturized.  The one I really like right now is the e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzer Cream, you can check out my full review here!

Liquid Eyeliner: I think a nice winged liner look on the eyes is amazing for the winter time.  In the fall I like to do smokier eyes but for winter I think a neutral eyeshadow and a nice wing look amazing. I really like to use the Laura Geller Eye Calligraphy Liquid Liner Trio to achieve the winged liner, check out my full review here!

Warm, Delicious, Drinks!!: Of course warm drinks are a must for the winter!!  Right now my favorite warm drinks are the Starbucks Hot Chocolate and the Folgers Lively Colombian Coffee.

Those are all my essentials for this winter.  You can always click the picture above to get more info on the products.

What are your winter essentials?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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