Gift Guide for Her | Blogmas Day 9 ❄️🎅🏼🎄🎁


Buying gifts can be one of the hardest things sometimes.  There are so many options but you are just not quite sure which one would make the best gift.  That is why today I will be sharing with you a Gift Guide for Her. I would like to note that I am personally pretty girly so the items pictured are girly but you can always adjust for the person you are getting the gift for. You can click on the picture below for more details on the items.

I hope this guide helps you all buy the perfect gift for this season. Enjoy!

Gift Guide for Her

Tumblers: These are a great gift because we all get thirsty through the day.  There are both cold and hot tumblers that can be used all year long. I have an obsession with tumblers because I can always find cute ones.  The ones in the picture are from Starbucks but there are also cute options at Walmart or Target.

Pajama Set: Again there are so many cute options and how doesn’t like to be in a nice set of cozy pajamas.  These are from Victoria’s Secret and I like that they come with an eye cover, it super cute!  While some may want Christmas themed pajamas, I like to get a set that I can use all year around.

Clothes: This one could be kind of tricky if you don’t know the person too well but for people that you are close with, this is a great option.  A shirt or two would be a great gift because they are sure to use it.

Candles: While this could be another tricky one because you may like a scent that the other person doesn’t really like you can always bring it up in a conversation and ask what their favorite type of candles are, just be sure not to be too obvious.  My current favorite one from Bath & Body Works is Frosted Cranberry.

Perfume: If you know her perfume taste pretty well this is an amazing option because perfumes tend to be on the expensive side.  It is a great surprise if they are about to run out of their favorite and you gift the perfume to her.

Makeup: Of course I had to include this! I love getting makeup for presents but make sure she is into makeup in the first place.  If she is a beginner a tinted balm set would be a perfect choice and if she is totally into makeup everything is fair game!

Gift Cards: Because gifts are a but difficult a gift card is great, especially if it’s someone you are just an acquaintance with.  If it is someone closer you can make it more personal by buying them their favorite candy to go along. One way I have done this is buy purchasing cute little nail polishes that were inexpensive and I put those and the gift card in a makeup bag.

Phone Cases: Just about every one has a phone and of course they want to keep it protected.  These two cute phone cases are from Kate Spade and I actually bought the second.  There are so many options and designs so you are sure to find the perfect one for her!

Face Masks: She can pamper herself with a nice face mask.  These are great because every now and then it is great to relax with a nice face mask.  The one that is pictured is from Target.  You can find these individually or in a packet.  They make great stuffing stockers and they are pretty inexpensive.  You can also gift her ones from Sephora or other places, I always find a lot at Marshall’s.

Journals: These are great because even if she doesn’t write on the daily, she still probably needs to jot down things every now and then.  I have been obsessed with cute journals lately, even if I don’t write in them as often as I would like.  This one is from Kate Spade and it’s super cute.  Again you can find cute options at other stores.

That is my gift guide for her and like I said the styles can be adjust for her taste.  I hope this helps some of y’all out.

What are other gift ideas for her?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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