Thanksgiving Nails


This past year I got really into nail art and I love to do cute things for the holidays.  After looking for inspiration on Thanksgiving themed nails, I came across one that I really liked and did my own twist on it.

Thanksgiving Nails

So they are not perfect but, hey, I am still new to this nail art thing.  I really like the nails and the most complicated part of it was the detail on the pilgrim’s hat.

For this nail design I preped my nails with my Formula X Nail Cleaner and Nail Primer.

For the pilgrim’s hat nail I applied Satin Ribbon by Pure Ice all over the nail.  For the hat I used Black Out by Pure Ice and, lastly, for the detail I used Passion by China Glaze.  I did the buckle with a small dotting tool.  I first tried using a small brush but the dotting tool was way easier.

On the other nails I used Cinna-Snap by Sally Hansen.

On my middle finger I used the bigger glitter chunks from Summit of Style by Essie which is the polish picture above.  I picked up the chunks with a dotting tool.  At times it got a bit complicated to pick up the chunks so I dipped my dotting tool in a bit of clear coat.

To finish my nails I applied a clear coat and I tried my best to clean up the edges.

I hope you like this nail design as much as I do.

How are your nails going to be painted for Thanksgiving?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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