Holiday Eating | Healthy Me


I usually do my Healthy Me series on Mondays but I was not able to since  I had lots of studying to do.  I decided to post today because with all the holidays approaching us very quickly I think it is important to little guide since with holidays come lots of yummy food!!

Holiday Eating | Healthy Me

I would like to first say that I am in no way a professional in this and this is more of what I would do.

Have a bit of everything:  I absolutely love foods served during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving food! One way that you could everything on the menu is to have small portions so that it’s not a lot of food consumed.  With that I would also choice one or two things that I love and go back for seconds.

Make half of your plate veggies:  You can make half of your plate a salad and then a fourth of your plate the protein.  The last fourth can be for the carbs like mashed potatoes or stuffing.  This way you can enjoy your dinner but it will be balanced.

Eat healthy between holidays:  If you eat healthy the rest of the days it can be okay to indulge on the holiday dinners.  I would also workout those days and if there’s time on the day of holidays.

Enjoy Yourself!:  This one is the most important!  The holidays are a time to be around friends and family and to have fun, so it is important to enjoy yourself.  If you lead a healthy lifestyle it is 100% okay to enjoy all the food to its potential.  For example, I only eat stuffing on Thanksgiving so I love to eat a lot of it!  Remember that a healthy lifestyle is about balance and it is okay to enjoy some delicious holiday food.

I hope this helps y’all through the holiday season.  Again, I am not a professional at all and always do what works best for your healthy lifestyle!

What is your favorite holiday food?
Mine is stuffing and turkey!! 😋

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

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