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Two weeks ago I gave y’all an introduction into my healthy lifestyle change and since I’ve had a hard time sticking to eating healthier options or working out, I thought I would talk about motivation today. So here are five ways that help me get motivated to be healthier.

Motivation | Healthy Me

The pictures that are featured in this post belong to Arthlete, you can find more on her Tumblr here!!

1. Setting Goals: This is a very important one.  Thinking of what goals you want to achieve today, this week, month or year is a great way to get motivated because, personally, it gets me excited to start things.  It is very important to have specific goals or else you won’t know if you accomplished it or not.  Also they are goals so they must be a bit challenging but also not to crazy. For example, if you eat fast food everyday, your first goal would be to eat one healthy home cooked meal then slowly start increasing that number.


2. Cute Workout Clothes: Many people will agree on this one.  Personally, when I have cute workout clothes, I feel better so I do better.  It also gets me excited to put it on and go workout.  I would also like to add that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be cute, you could even make your own diy design.

3. Social Media: Social media can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  I like to use it to get motivation.  I follow many fitness gurus that are very positive on Instagram.  On tumblr, my favorite is Arthlete because she has many cute pictures like the ones featured in this post. On Pinterest you can also find both fitness motivation and lots of meal ideas that are healthy.


4. Seeing Progress: The first time I lost weight this would motivate me a lot, I could see that my clothes fir me better and that I had more energy and I wasn’t being lazy all the time.  This works after you have started but if you have been doing it for a while and see no progress, don’t give up. Think about what is not working out for you and change it!


5. Thinking of the Future: It helps to think about a positive bright future where you have achieved your goals.  It can also help to think about the near future. You may be debating whether to lounge around or to workout out.  If you think about how you will feel after you workout you will be more likely to workou.  This also helps for food.  Most of the time I want junk food so bad that I eat it but then I feel bad because I haven’t made any progress but if I think about how I will feel before I make my choice, I will more than likely have a healthier snack or meal.  That is not to say that you can’t ever eat junk food, because sometimes that is what your body needs.


That is my five ways to get motivated, I hope this helps you all out.

What do you do to get motivated?

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5 thoughts on “Motivation | Healthy Me

  1. Hey Karla! Love this post. Setting goals is a huge one for me. I saw a quote recently that said “Think about where you’ll be three months from now if you stick to the plan.” I love that! If you would be interested I have a (free) health and fitness accountability group running on Facebook for the month of November. It’s women only, and it’s secret and private, so we can share recipes, post about struggles, and support each other without the whole world being in on it! If you’d like to join, let me know- we’d love to have you. Leave me your email address or email me if you’re interested ( so I can send you signup info 🙂

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