10 Things to do When Bored


We all get bored at sometimes and it sucks!!  Recently I have had less work hours so I find myself bored at home so I came up with ten things that can help with boredom. Enjoy!

10 Things to do When Bored

1. Get Ahead on Homework: If you go to school then you probably have some homework or readings that you can get over with ahead of time.  You could also study for an up coming test, they may not sound the most fun but it is good to get ahead.

2. Get Organized: Recently when I am bored with nothing to do I decide to plan some blogs, or tweak a blog a bit.  This is also great time to organize bills or to even set up goals for the week.

3. Read a Book or Magazine: I read way more magazines than books and they actually do get me unbored.  I love fashion magazines the most!  The books I like to read are mostly about fashion and things related.  I am also loving Tyler Oakley’s Binge right now!

Read | 10 Things to do When Bored

4. Clean:  I sound like my mom on this one! I hate being told to clean when I am bored but it can help you clear your mind and in the end you can probably get a lot of cleaning done.

5. Play Video/Computer Games: There are many games that you can play on your console, phone, or computer.  My favorite are puzzle games and dancing games on my Wii.  I also think most games are pretty good because they help your mind keep busy, especially when it comes to strategy games.

6. Workout:  Working out is great and it can help you clear your mind and also help you come up with other interesting things to do! I love to take walks and also do Blogilates.

Workout | 10 Things to do When Bored

7. Pamper Yourself: If you are bored, then treating yourself can be a nice treat.  You can light a candle, take a bubble bath, listen to music, and put on a face mask.

8. Get Creative: Take on something creative, for me that’s makeup. When I get bored I will do my makeup for no reason. It is a great time to experiment with different looks.  You can also do other creatives things like take artsy pictures, or paint something.

Makeup | 10 Things to do When Bored

9. Go Around Town: I do this a lot with my boyfriend, when we have nothing better to do we will go out to stores and shop around.  If you live in a more interesting city, you can go site seeing for simply go to the park and enjoy nature.

10. Binge Watch: Sometimes you are bored and you don’t want to go out or get ready or do anything productive and that’s absolutely fine!  I love to watch shows and movies.  I have Netflix so I always browse for new shows to watch.  My favorite shows to binge watch are American Horror Story, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, and Pretty Little Liars.  I also love to watch Twilight movies during this time of year.

Movie | 10 Things to do When Bored

I hope you finds this helpful next time you find yourself bored!

What do you do to fight boredom?

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6 thoughts on “10 Things to do When Bored

  1. Great post! I’ve been experiencing this problem as well — less hours at work & having to find things to do. This post couldn’t have been made at a better time or have been more fitting for me. Love your ideas! 🙂

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