My Favorite Apps

If you are like me, than your are addicted to your phone! It is so much fun to be on it because there are a variety of apps out there that almost everyone has that one app they have to check everyday. I made a list of my favorite apps and there were 20 on my list (I know it’s a lot!!). I put them in three different categories so this post won’t be super long. I hope you enjoy!


Social Media: I love to check social media everyday. It connects me to people I know but don’t see often and also to my favorite celebrities. My all time favorite is Instagram, it is a collection of pictures which I love and that is where I get inspiration for some of my pictures for this blog. I also love Pinterest and Tumblr for the same reason that it gives me a lot of inspiration. On these sites, I love to the fashion, and makeup and I also enjoy all the hilarious pictures. Snapchat is something that I got into almost a year ago and I love it! I love it even more now that you can add those faces with the front camera, it’s so entertaining! Snapchat is also a great way to check out what your favorite celebrities are up to! WeHeartIt, I think, is the perfect girly app! It is pink and white and has tones of fashion, seasonal, makeup, and girly pictures! WordPress is also one of my favorite app to check, I always check my stats and if I have time I read some the blogs that I follow. Timehop is just the cutest app ever! I love to look at what I did a couple of years back and sometimes it makes me laugh because I get embarrassed at what I used to post but I love this app and I check it everyday!

Games & Entertainment: I love to play games on my phone and iPad! My number one favorite right now is Covet. This app lets you make outfits with clothes that actually exist and you enter them in for voting. I usually get either 3 or 4 stars but I have gotten 5 stars on a few of my outfits. My next favorite game is Flippix. This is a great puzzle game but it looks confusing. You basically find out which squares are green and which ones are not then it makes a picture, this one does cost $1.99 per game but I love it so much so it’s worth it to me.  Sally’s Spa is such a fun game, it’s one of those time management games and you have clients that you have to attend. This game is the one I play when I am in a nervous situation because I get rushed with helping the “clients” so I forget my worries for a bit. A game that can help you exercise while having fun is a great app and Elevate is just that app. Everyday you get a set of three games which are math, reading, grammar, or hearing based. I love this app and it has helped me expand my vocabulary. Buzzfeed and iFunny are two app that I use at night and they give me a good laugh, they are also the ones I get on if I cannot sleep at night. IMDb is amazing because it lets you know more info about a particular show or movie. It also has little trivia facts which I also check when I watch something new. Last on this category is YouTube! I love YouTube and I am always watching my favorite youtubers on my phone, I love the layout of the app but I am still adjusting to their new update.

Essentials: These apps are ones that I use a lot to help me keep organized. OneNote is my favorite for when I need to write ideas for a blogpost and I don’t have my journal with me. It also syncs to all my devices for easy accesses. Notes is my favorite for checklists ( I was excited when I heard about this update) I also keep some important things on this app. Money is something that always need to be organized which is why I love the Chase app. I can see how much I have everyday and I get notifications about my balance everyday. I have a Fitbit so I use the Fitbit app to check my steps everyday and I also sometimes log my food in this app. Lastly is Afterlight, this one isn’t to organize but it is my favorite to edit my pictures and it is definitely worth the price!

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite apps. These are a lot but, like I said, I am a bit addicted to my iPhone. Haha

What are your favorite apps?

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