Fall Haul🍁🍂


In case you didn’t know already, I have been ready for the fall since I started going back to school!  So during the past month I have slowly been buying items for the fall so I thought I would share my fall haul with you.

Fall Haul

The first thing I bought was a burgundy cross body purse.  I love the color of the purse and it perfect for school since I don’t have to carry the usual big purse.  I actually bought this bag since July when I was in Mexico, when I saw it on the catalog I fell in love with the bag!  They do ship to the U.S. but I am not sure if the shipping is a lot.  In case you do want a purse like this you can click here.

Cklass Burgundy Purse

I am a huge fan of candles! I like to chose my candle based on the season.  For fall I picked up Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Apple.  I know I have already mentioned this candle in past posts but I just love this candle so much.  It is my favorite hands down!!

Pumpkin Apple Candle

I have a small table in my room and that space is where I do my seasonal decor so I picked up these cute small pumpkins from Walmart so I could decorate. I think they were about a dollar each.

Cute Pumpkins

I wanted a fall nail polish so I picked up a Sally Hansen nail polish in Cinna-Snap.  It is such a lovely burgundy color and I cannot wait to try it out!

Cinna-Snap by Sally Hansen

While in the nail polish aisle, I also found Summit of Style by Essie.  I love the color so much! It is a bronze-gold colored chunky glitter polish that I think would go great with the Cinna-Snap polish above.

Summit of Style by Essie

When I order my textbooks from Chegg I got a $20 off coupon to use in Shutterfly so I decided to check out the website.  I decided to purchase a coffee tumbler.  I was able to customize and made this cute collage with it. I am so obsessed with the tumbler!!

Shutterfly Tumbler

Even though I am obsessed with makeup and I had never purchased a MAC lipstick (I know, crazy!)  I decided to purchase Dark Side as my very first MAC lipstick since I wanted a good dark color for this season.

MAC Dark Side

Along with the lipstick, I also needed a lip liner.  After being shown a couple of liners, I decided to go with Vino, it is the perfect lip liner for Dark Side!

MAC Vino

I am so happy with my purchases and I hope you enjoyed this haul! 🙂

What items have you picked up for the fall season?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

15 thoughts on “Fall Haul🍁🍂

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  2. Great haul! I love the Burgundy choices. It’s such a striking color and definitely flattering on all skin tones. Don’t feel bad about MAC, I have ogled their line for years and have yet to make a purchase. I was actually think of getting a dark color myself from them to start out. By the way, I love the clarity of your pictures and how they came out. They’re gorgeous! What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos to fit the proper size for you page? (If you don’t mind me asking.) I’ve been having issues with mine. 😦

    Anyway, my apologies for the long post! Fantastic job! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I’m slowly getting hooked. Thank you! I actually use my iPhone camera, I have the iPhone 6. I take my pictures next to my window and turn off the light in my room. I use the Afterlight app to edit them. I don’t size them, when I post them I just put the full image option. It’s no problem, I’m happy to help, if I did at all. Thanks again! 🙂


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